Free Local Delivery (within 35 miles of Medford, Oregon) with minimum $20 order Free Local Delivery (within 35 miles of Medford, Oregon) with minimum $20 order


  • Can I track my order?
  • Where do you ship to?
  • What are your shipping rates?
  • Where is Magnolia Grange located?
  • Do you do wholesale orders?
  • Can you make custom orders?
  • What does "Soy Blend" mean?
  • Yes! Once your order is fulfilled and ready to ship you will be emailed the tracking number. Can't find it? No problem, just send us a quick message and we will be happy to send it again!

  • Currently we only ship within the United States.

  • To be frank, whatever the cheapest rates I can find, which is typically with USPS. Shipping costs have risen astronomically over the last couple years because of inflation, rising fuel costs, and labor shortages/rising wages.

    I do my absolute best to not charge a lot for shipping. You may even get a small shipping difference refund on your order if Shopify overcharges and I am able to get it cheaper. If you don't receive a shipping refund that probably means that you weren't charged enough and I will have to absorb those shipping charges which eats into my already low profits.

    I really don't want to have to raise the cost on my products. But if the shipping costs continue to rise this may be the unfortunate next step. Amazon has spoiled America into thinking that free shipping should be a commodity rather than a luxury. For small businesses it is not something we can offer as well as "cheap prices."

    For example, to ship one candle (depending where in the country) it is $8-15. So either I continue to charge $15 a candle and only charge you what I was charged for shipping, OR I raise my candle price to $25 and offer cheaper or free shipping.

  • We are located in Southern Oregon, all end products are handmade here.

  • Absolutely! Send us a message and tell us about your business/store, what products you are interested in, and any other questions you have. We can send you a wholesale price sheet/minimums on the products you are inquiring about.

  • Yes, we would love to create something custom for you! Send us a message and let us know about your event or idea so we can chat more about it.

  • Currently my wax consists of a blend of soy wax and food-grade paraffin.

    But isn't paraffin bad?

    Before I embarked on this candle-making journey I did a massive amount of research. I didn't realize there were so many different types of wax to choose from! And I was also a victim of "green wash marketing" that spouted all the bad things about paraffin wax and that you should only go "natural" with products like soy. (Petroleum is a natural resource too, FYI.) But when I really dug deep into actual scientific evidence and strayed away from the Mommy Blogs and Facebook Posts that hold zero factual evidence, my eyes were opened.

    Is paraffin derived from petroleum? Yes. Does it have any oil left in it once it's refined to candle wax? No.

    The reason paraffin wax is used in candles is because it holds fragrance the best, leaves smooth tops after each burn, and overall performs the best all around. That's why a lot of the new Coconut waxes on the market today still have paraffin in the wax mix as well.

    Did you know that the soy bean industry is incredibly hard on the environment and the farming and manufacturing greatly contribute to deforestation and climate change? So if you are only looking for 100% soy based candles because you heard they were "clean," you too have been a victim of green wash marketing. Here is the unfortunate darkside the soybean industry is trying to hide from you:

    The best source I have found for real scientific evidence and studies has been from the National Candle Association here:

    2021 Study:

    2007 Study:

    Because of the extensive research, rigorous testing, and product development I have done over the course of two years; I am confident in the safety of my products. 90-95% of the fragrance oils I use are also safe for body products! All of my ingredients are sourced from reputable and high-end supply companies that are stringent in their quality standards as well.