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On The Hunt: The Perfect GREIGE

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On The Hunt: The Perfect GREIGE

One of the most popular colors lately in the neutral palette is a color deemed "greige." The origin of the word means unbleached, undyed, or raw; relating to new wool on a loom. As a color it is best described as the sophisticated combination of gray and beige. 

I like to think the walls of your home as a raw blank canvas; when adding this color to them you are allowing the accents to stand out. This tone is also great for climates that tend to be cloudy and rainy throughout the year. My experience and feedback while working in a paint department in a home improvement store is that these climates make cool toned grays appear blue. Switching to a warmer toned gray will drastically change the look; and also help warm the space during the dreary winter months.

Since I am obsessed with this trend right now I went on the hunt to find the perfect greige color in multiple brands. Walking into a paint store can be daunting by how many choices there are, which makes it hard to make a decision. I made it easy for you by narrowing it down:

Sherwin-Williams takes the guess work out of it by making a color called "Perfect Greige;" although I did debate between it and their "Versatile Gray" which is a little lighter. Benjamin Moore's did turn out more pink than I expected after it dried, if you feel the same then go with their "North Hampton Beige." 

Pairing this color with crisp white trim looks incredibly smart and elegant. Did I mention it goes well with practically ANY other color? Seriously. Greige+Navy=Divine. Greige+Coral=Chic. Greige+Deep Teal=Can't.Even.Deal. {see what I did there}

Are you loving this trend as well? Head over to the Greige Perfection Pinterest board to find inspiration on where to use this color in your home!