Magnolia Grange

This client was looking for a big change in their new home they just purchased. They needed a room that was pink with a ballerina wallpaper border to turn to a shared boys room, ages five and seven. The client really wanted to do a nautical theme and needed something that would go well with their bedding from Pottery Barn. She sent me a link to her Pinterest board so I could see what drew her eye and where her inspiration came from. 

I came up with this concept that would allow the boys to grow up in the room without it being too "kiddy" or "kitschy." The room already had wainscoting so I wanted to utilize it by having it be a darker gray than the top portion of the room. I found the perfect blue to do a few stripes along the top 1/3 of the room that would tie in the stripes on the bedding and give visual interest. I also proposed a fun green (which is not as bright/vivid as the computer screen leads you to believe in real life) to use around the trim of the windows; and doors if they feel bold enough. 

Color is so hard to get a grasp on through an electronic device. Seeing these colors in person at your local Sherwin-Williams store and bringing the swatches into your home to see how they look in your space are vital. Color will change drastically based on your lighting and the sheen of your paint.

What do you think of this style? Is it too bold, not bold enough, or just right?