Magnolia Grange

Pink Cactus

Bridget SheltonComment

I stumbled across a few cactus prints recently and instantly fell in love. One in particular I decided it had to be put onto fabric. I went to and had them print it for me and when it finally arrived (it only took about a week which is super fast but I am just crazy impatient), I was blown away by how incredibly cute it turned out!

Since I am a novice sewer I figured the only thing I could do with it would be to make a throw pillow cover out of it. When I say novice, I mean I am one level before novice. I have tried sewing simple projects and they have turned out okay, but nothing to write home about that's for sure. I researched many different tutorials and YouTube videos and my favorite was by MADE Everyday; she shows how to make pillows two different ways. I choose the second sham/cover because I want to be able to take the pillow out of the sham and wash it if needed.

Following her simple instructions allowed me to complete one pillow in about an hour. Not too shabby eh? I mean, how stinking cute is this pillow? I "joked" to my love G that if he didn't stop me I was going to turn the whole house into this print!